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I’m Back! +Poem “I Missed You”

I’m back!

Oh wow, that was a long time ago.



I missed you

You missed me

I went somewhere

And I stayed there

But I came back

Now that I’m here, you don’t know

What to do.


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Not all elephants are afraid of mice

A mouse are nibbling on some cheese

Birds are flying to have a meal

Cats are running towards their wings

Dogs are very close behind

An elephant is walking with the dog


The mouse finishes its’ cheese

The bird bangs into a tree

The cat bumps into the tree

And the dog tries to stop but

The elephant sqaushes them all

The mouse looks up

The elephant is scared

The elephant jumps up.

It falls and creates a hole

That’s why you never put yourself first 😉

No wait that’s not a moral

Or maybe it is

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I wonder why.

Did you ever wonder

Why a bee would sting you?

Anyway, it plonks down dead

Which hurts us both

Whats the point of doing that?

I have never been stung before

But it seems to look like lots of pain

Did you ever wonder

If GOD has a trillion million billion zillion trillion zillion phones?

That sits down

And watches you?

Did you ever wonder

Why I was so weird?