I'm just your white pencil.

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Short poem + Diamante Nightmares-Dreams

We’ve all had dreams.

I’ve had dreams.

You’ve have dreams.

We’ve ALL had ANY dreams.


Scary, Sick-feelings,

Darkness, Smoke, Creatures

You wake up weirdly

Clouds, Rainbows, Creatures …?

Happy, Smiles,



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My cat:


I’m starving

Feed me.

I know there are cookies there.

Give me fresh ones!

No. Not meat, cookies!

What get out dog

This food is mine


I wanna go out

Oh gosh, I’m so bored.

Dog, dog! Your breath stinks.


Oh my owners won’t talk to me?




Ugh and I’m hungry

Yeah food fixes everything


Feed me cookies.

I know, but it’s not fresh and clean!

I know I only ate 5 cookies last time and left 48 left!

That was half an hour ago, dummy.

Feed me a heap, FEED ME


I’m going out.

Oh, the dog is coming out, too?


Let me in! It’s raining! Meow…!!?!?

Here comes someone…

*walks in super slowly like a princess*


*Dog comes in fastly*

Meow. Meow. Mrrrreoooarrrw…

Let me sit on you, no I’m not fat. I just weigh 200 pounds and is about, 691cm long.

What do you mean?!




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Tʜᴇ sᴛᴏʀʏ ᴏғ ᴍʏ ʟɪғᴇ

I am born

I am sleeping

After 3 months

I awake

I am taken places

With my mother


After a year

I start to crawl

And attempt to walk

I scribble on paper

And flip pages of books

I started to dribble

All over my bed


I am 2 years old

I am running across the room

Now I will try

And go potty train

It’s an ‘impossible mission’ for me

At least me.

I wish I could

Have my birthday now.

I wait until

My birthday comes

To be three

Now I start to talk


I am three years old

I go to preschool

I’m really talking more

And annoying much more

I make friends at preschool

Getting ready for fun

I cry when I fell

Over a log

I hurt my leg

And got injured

Well I never really felt

When I was 3, anyway.


I go to Kindergarten

And play with my friends

I read and I draw

I start to read books

I am playing in a sandpit